We hand picked these 6 products to make your trainings better, office days brighter and meetings shorter. Check, read and order.

1. Stress anti fidget toy. It is also known to reduce OCD, ADD, ADHD etc. Get rid of expensive pills and have fun. Just click on the picture to find out more and order.

2. Now you can mesh grapes all day long without getting messy.

3. Thinking veggies or liked our Hot Potato Game? Get this wonderful stress toy as a reminder.

4. Think Big and get it all in one shot! Set of 24 stress emojis toys. Can be all used by yourself or shared with your colleagues.

5. Who said that silly putty is just for kids? Crazy Aaron Thinking Putty coming in all kind of colors, including our favorites Gold, Silver, Chameleon, Hot pink and even Arctic Glass. Got challenging project or boring meeting and need mood boost? Crazy Aaron’s Thinking putty can be right product for you.

6. And last but not least Kawaii stress toys to make your day supercute.