Corporate Games


 Dr. Eric Berne uncovered dynamic of human relationship in his famous books, Games People Play. At Corparium, we are not just focusing on games played by both people and ‘corporations’. We believe our games will help you to become fluent in corporate environment.

Below are games based on the analysis of the corporate stories collection. The games are updated regularly.

 Game 1 Game 2
game-xtreeme-surprise-ebook  game-hot-potato-ebook
Game 3 Game 3 (cont)
game-xtreme-positivity-ebook1 game-xtreme-positivity-ebook2
Game 4 Game 5
 game-olah-ebook  game-agatha-crist-ebook
 Game 6  Game 7
game-tomorrow-ebook  game-milky-way-ebook
 Game 8  Game 9
 game-project-performance-ebook  game-stapler-ebook
Game 10 Game 11
game-busybee game-geenrgrass-newsize